International Symposium for Neurobiology and clinics


On 8 th – 9 th December in Olomouc was held International Symposium for Neurobiology and clinics, which was attended by leading authorities of Czech Neurological Society, international lecturers, students of neurobiology and of course Alpen Pharma, who has in its portfolio PK-Merz, well known drug for treatment of Parkinson's disease. The main task of our team members was to represent PK-Merz, which offers effective treatment in both early and late stages of Parkinson's disease and provides patients with stable level of its active substance amantadine sulphate. Symposium took place in a beautiful Archbishop’s palace in Olomouc from 16 th century and the whole venue was finished with a festive dinner. All visitors of the symposium could enjoy unique atmosphere of this historical place and learn latest insights from the neurobiological field.