About us

Alpen Pharma in Czech Republic

The History of Alpen Pharma AG in Czech Republic began in 2014 with the opening of a representative office in Prague.

Currently, Alpen Pharma CZ, s.r.o. successfully solves tasks encountered and creates and opens new opportunities.

Product portfolio of Alpen Pharma CZ, s.r.o. includes registered Rx and OTC drugs used for promo activities focused on professional as well as the general public.

Alpen Pharma CZ successfully cooperates with health care facilities, specialists and general practitioners.

It focuses primarily on active support of scientifically and practically oriented conferences and seminars that allow the exchange of experience.

Our employees’ priority has always been the needs of our patients therefore the quality and safety of its products is imperative for the Alpen Pharma CZ’s sales representatives.

For this purpose, the company introduced a system of pharmaco-vigilance which purpose is to monitor the signs of possible adverse reactions.